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Oct. 10, 2002 - report continued:

(Rolling Stone:) Should the court rule in Leon's favor, he would be granted control over the hundreds of hours of archival tape and videos. Aside from allocating funds to the "real Hendrix" bloodline, he claims he would give back to the community and pay the musicians their due.

(NOTE: Leon Hendrix has sent letters to me in which he writes: "I like the manuscript that you sent. [Your band and book] have peaked our curiosity and enthusiasm as we are considering the future production of such materials.")

(Rolling Stone:) There is also the part of the legacy that has nothing to do with music or money. Jimi's image -- that of a free spirit who symbolized the drug use and casual sex of the times -- has been actively suppressed and denied by Jane. "The people who are running Experience Hendrix have no vision," Leon said. "They are just trying to whitewash history."

(NOTE: Jane Fujita, and Paul Allen's cronies who made Jane the company director, have only one "vision" and that is to suppress Rock Prophecy and remove my name from the dozens of Hendrix products I helped produce which kept Jimi at high profile in world media during the seven years I was making decisions for the company.)

(Rolling Stone:) Adds Kathy Etchingham, Jimi's former girlfriend who has allied herself with Redding and Leon, "Jane is a devout Christian, and is offended by Jimi's lifestyle. So she doesn't like Leon's lifestyle, and won't allow Hendrix music to be used in any context that suggests sex or drugs…Jane doesn't want people to see the truth about Jimi, and when someone says something about him that she doesn't like, she threatens them with legal action."

Media is owned and controlled by a clique of anti-equality men who've closed ranks to censor and suppress Rock Prophecy and conceal from you news of this most important story. They've braintrained the hypnotized herd into agreeing with their decree to ignor it - consumers reduced to a cheerfulized mass - like plantation slaves trained to lay prostrate and beg master, "Whip me one more time, sir, or else I might think of being free. I don't wanna know no Hendrix Rock Prophecy, 'cause the rich man said cheer the winners, and you know my mind is totally controlled, a lapdog who'll do only what I'm told. If Microsoft billionaire persecutes and ripps-off Michael Fairchild, then I should too." This is the pathetic speil people think in Delusional Looser-land. But there are no "winners" in this Titanic Atlantis. Every second you're not thinking and talking about Rock Prophecy, that asteroid speeds closer to smashing this planet anyway. Rock Prophecy showed us how to survive, but we chose to follow the "rich" and die, because they led us to death.

"It's just sad. It's very, very sad..." - New York Times - July 23, 2003

Even sadder is this microscopic report buried on page 7 of USA Today on July 16:

Rather than worldwide headlines proclaiming, "Scientists Have No Way To Stop An Asteroid!" - we get the dominators spin again, the obligatory "underplay" of news that might upset their arrangement of privileges in this society…as we all swirl around the bottom of the bowl, waiting for the final flush…

[NOTE: Please be aware that for years the owners and staff at the Yahoo search engine have artificially/surgically removed this website from all listings under the words "jimi hendrix." Following the example of Paul Allen, the owners of Yahoo are intent on concealing the insights and research of Hendrix scholar Michael Fairchild, out of sheer pathological jealousy. - James Sedgwick]