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July 24, 2001:

Front page news in Rochester reports a massive space rock that streaked over our city at 6:18 p.m. the evening before (notice the multiples of 3 in the time: 6:18 - the book Rock Prophecy contains a chapter titled "Multiples of Three" which chronicles the repeated incidents in the Hendrix legacy of numbers that are multiples of 3.)


At right is an amazing photo of the space rock that buzzed over our city just hours prior to the publication of our ad that mentions the "Hendrix/asteroid/Microsoft connection" - in preparation for the first show from the band that is spreads word of Rock Prophecy.

October 8, 2001: reports, "an asteroid thought to be between 50 and 100 meters in diameter zoomed by our planet at little more than twice the distance to the Moon -- a whisker by the standards of our solar system's size. The object was first detected just two days prior. Its path was determined only the day before the close encounter."

Incredibly, NO mainstream media covered this event. It was reported only after another big asteroid wizzed by even closer on January 7, 2002 (next)...

January 7, 2002:

"Earth Escapes Brush With Killer Asteroid" is the CNN headline today. "The Near-Earth Object '2001 YB5' brightened enough for even simple telescopes to spot just before it raced past our planet on Monday. Many scientists classify it as a close call. 'The impact would be quite tremendous,' said Benny Peiser of the Royal Astronomical Society in Great Britain...In the year 2027, an asteroid between one kilometer and a mile in length is expected pass even closer...later on, either asteroid could pose risks to the planet, along with countless rocks lurking in the shadows that have yet to be identified, astronomers warn...What particularly troubles Peiser is that scientists only first spotted 2001 YB5 in late December. What if it had been heading on a collision course? 'That's not enough time for any initiatives for deflection. If we had 20 or 30 years' time, then we could develop a technology to deflect an object. With our current lacked of preparedness, we are helpless,' he said."

And as if this isn't enough, Mitch Battros of ECTV continues, "As reported by my colleague David Whitehouse of BBC, an asteroid discovered just a month ago is making a close approach to the Earth. The name of this NEA (Near-Earth Asteroid) is '2001 YB5'…Astronomers say that its proximity reminds us just how many objects there are in space that could strike our planet with devastating consequences. Moving closer to the Sun, the asteroid is passing by at less than three times the Moon's distance from us - just 830,000 kilometers (510,000 miles) away on 7 January, which is close in cosmic terms. It is thought to be 300 meters in size - large enough to wipe out an entire country if it struck the Earth.

"2001 YB5 was discovered in early December by the NEAT (Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking) survey telescope observing from Mount Palomar in California...It circles the Sun every 1,321 days. Astronomers add that it is 'potentially hazardous,' meaning there is a chance that it may strike the Earth sometime in the future. Such a close encounter is rare but not unprecedented. However, the only other known object that will come closer to the Earth is an asteroid called 1999 AN10, which will pass a shade closer on 7 August, 2027."

This CNN report contained an actual picture of the asteroid. The rock was visible to millions of people on Earth, so there was no way any government could suppress or whitewash and minimize the threat of this event. Instead, the editors of all major media simply reduced every mention of the asteroid into tiny little blurbs buried deep inside newspapers. Here are typical examples (see left:)

The article in USA Today is equally microscopic (see right:)

This is an obvious ploy to minimize the event and train us to shrug shoulders and ignor the threat.

March 8, 2002:

On March 19, 2002, almost two weeks after Earth was nearly pulverized by a rock named asteroid 2002 EM7, CNN finally reports, "A sizable asteroid zipped near our planet this month without anyone noticing because it traveled through an astronomical blind spot, scientists said. The space boulder passed Earth within 288,000 miles - or 1.2 times the distance to the moon - on March 8, but since it came from the direction of the sun, scientists did not observe it until four days later. The object, slightly larger than one that flattened a vast expanse of Siberia in 1908, was one of the 10 closest known asteroids to approach Earth, astronomers said.

Asteroid 2002 EM7 took us by surprise. It is yet another reminder of the general impact hazard we face,' said Benny Peiser, a European scientist who monitors the threat of Earth-asteroid collisions. If it pierced the atmosphere, the approximately 70-meter-long rock could have disintegrated and unleashed the energy equivalent of a 4-megaton nuclear bomb, researchers said. 'If it were over a populated area, like Atlanta, it would have basically flattened it,' said Gareth Williams, associate director of the International Astronomical Union Minor Planet Center in Boston, Mass…Astronomers maintain that constant surveillance is necessary to identify more killer rocks in our neighborhood and ensure that none take our planet by surprise, in particular those traveling near the blinding light of the sun. 'If one comes from the direction of the sun, we're not going to see it,' Williams said. According to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 2002 EM7 could smack into Earth in 2093."

"If a comet should appear from behind the Sun, we might only have a one or two year warning."

- Carolyn Shoemaker, McNeil/Lehrer News Hour, PBS 7/23/94

This 2002 EM7 saga highlights the case of The Incredible Shrinking Asteroid News story. Our managerial class of editors (are they really all the same person?), for almost all media, prevented any mention of this incident. In fact, it was only after lengthy surfing through internet search engines that I stumbled across this lone CNN report buried deep within CNN's "Space" news archives. Without question the men who control media have ordered their lapdog editors to keep as many people as possible in the dark about potential asteroid impacts.

April 4, 2002:

World media again reports predictions of an asteroid (1950 DA) aimed at Earth. The significance of this report is that it's another of the "approved" perspectives from NASA and government, designed to persuade us that the threat is way off in the future, out of sight/out of mind, and of little concern to civilization today.

1) The rock aimed at Earth will not be "spotted" very much in advance by the tiny network of astronomers and amateurs that search the skies in our time.

2) Contrary to todays benign report, news of any asteroid that is aimed to hit Earth within the next century will be concealed by the men who control media. Any astronomer who tries to announce an imminent impact will find our government creatively re-calculating the rock's trajectory to "discredit" the astronomer who breaks ranks and tries to communicate directly with the public.

3) This report is aimed to portray asteroids in a non-threatening way. Our ruling class wants us to remain in denial, while we're manipulated into supporting the Defense Agency's "anti-missile" system.