Paul Allen's PBS TV Series Rebuttal to Rock Prophecy:

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A decade ago, in October 1995 PBS was chosen to kick off the unprecedented blitz of media stories and reports about rocks from outer space. Paul Allen quickly used his media empire to co-opt PBS and use that network to bury Rock Prophecy in an avalanche of asteroid stories. Along with the major newspapers and movie studios in America, Mr. Allen's media team set the agenda that thousands of local media outlets soon followed. His intent was to obscure the public's access to understanding of how Rock Prophecy instigated the wave of media reports that we've all been experiencing for the past decade (Timeline). His intent was to overexpose asteroids to everyone, while all media obeyed his orders to conceal my role as the catalyst whose discovery of Jimi's prophecy instigated Mr. Allen's fixation on space rocks. click here: 40 min. video overview of Paul Allen's obsession with silencing me

In 2001 he continued this same pattern of co-opting my ideas while preventing any distributor or media outlet from handling my book. This time he fixated on my insights about evolution in Rock Prophecy and responded by producing Evolution for PBS, in which he takes aim at passage after passage from my book, as we see in the excerpts below.

Mr. Allen and his media allies cannot explain to anyone today, or to future generations, why Jimi Hendrix is important. And specifically because I can, and I am explaining it, out of pathological jealousy a tiny group of Hendrix collectors take immense pleasure in seeing Mr. Allen, the head collector among them, do whatever he can to harm me and conceal the connections I am communicating.

This is how "Retarded History" happens; it's explained in Rock Prophecy as "The Inversion." Dominators have set us back, "retarded" what we all needed to know in order to stop the asteroid. Dominators have caused the end of this civilization.

Below is Paul Allen's 2001 PBS Evolution transcript juxtaposed with the passages from Rock Prophecy that his writers were ordered to respond to with their PBS program spin. For some of the comparisons, similar ideas between Rock Prophecy and Evolution are obvious, and for other comparisons we see contrasting and opposing perspectives and claims. The point is that the intent of Mr. Allen was to "answer" Rock Prophecy by ordering his writers to concoct responses to points in my book and advance an alternative view or perspective against mine. But the inspiration for this effort is domination, his need to see the Evolution program broadcast and presented in schools, while all media follows his orders to censor any mention of Rock Prophecy.

"It's the 'winners' who write history - their way." - Elaine Pagels

However, with this web page, along with a similar analysis appearing on The Da Vinci Code page, web surfers who are interested in these issues can get a quick condensed read of many of the connections made in Rock Prophecy, especially the sections that focus on sex, religion, evolution, mutation, and extinction.

When considering the ideas isolated below from Evolution and Rock Prophecy, a reader will likely ask how such issues about sex and religion relate to Hendrix and asteroids? In my book the whole progression is explained, whereas the excerpts below are coupled with related passages from the Evolution program. So keep in mind that the context for these discussions about sex and religion is to show how the details of these religion requirements, attitudes about how men relate to women, had an effect for centuries and millennia of holding back human progress, literally "retarding" technological advancements to a point where, now that we know the asteroid is coming, there is not enough time for us to do what's needed to stop it. We missed that window specifically because a strain of our species was obsessed with domination. The details of these religion attitudes show us how this happened. This is why EMPeror Paul Allen is discussed at all, because he presents an easily understood example of the fatal consequences of domination, an example through which all future generations will come to see this phenomenon, as we proceed to liberate the Hendrix legacy away from these dominators who imprison Jimi in their stuffy museums and dumb "releases." Soon, when future generations hear the words "Jimi Hendrix" they'll immediately think of asteroid extinction at the hands of evil dominators.

Jimi Hendrix drew our attention to asteroids with his prediction, but his role in the sexual revolution outlines how the customs of world religions have enshrined the battle between the sexes, a waste of human energy that brutalized half of our race and left us with "Retarded History" - which is today's situation in which we are centuries away from developing the technology that can save us from asteroid impacts. Hendrix is figurehead for lifting these explanations into view at a time when just a tiny handful of people had even considered rocks from space. Ever wonder why Jimi was the first person we called a "Rock Star"? "Asteroid/Comet" is the future he made us remember, because impact memories are etched into every person's genes, it is what directs human evolution. Jimi spoke about his "sixth sense" - the ability to remote view. This is what evolution on Earth mutates our species towards.

These insights are specifically what the handful of men who control media have ordered their managers to conceal. Instead we are all fed a "cheerfulized" perspective, directing attention to pleasant diversions, punctuated by outbursts of violent terror that are the consequences of enforced inequality, leaving everyone with the retarded history of dominators on this Titanic-Atlantis planet…

"He's goin' down to the train station with his little pack on his back...They're trying to blow us all up and give us awards so that they can just dust us away…this whole thing's gonna blow wide open soon…Wouldn't it be great to take over the studio like they do in Cuba? We'd call it The Jimi Hendrix Show - Or Else! And there will be no smoking in the gas chambers while we're on…The people who dig me…they want something different, to feel something inside, something real - revolution, struggle, rebellion."

- Jimi

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