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- The Rock Prophecy Influence -

by Michael Fairchild

[On March 16, 2005 (sic) several copies of this article (see below) were taken to the Post Office, dated, and mailed. The mailings activated today the copyright for Jimi Code Vs. Da Vinci Code. A few hours later the internet version of this article was being prepared for upload onto this website. Just minutes before the upload started, there was an interruption. ABC News aired the following report on television:

ABC-TV: Why is a powerful Roman Catholic Cardinal denouncing a hugely popular novel, the Da Vinci Code? There's nothing quite like religion to inspire the attack on [this work], one of Italy's leading Cardinals, Tarcisio Bertone, [said] the church is concerned that readers of this work of fiction are taking it as gospel...Cardinal Bertone called the Da Vinci Code a "sack full of lies against the Church...It is stuffed with serious historical inaccuracies...I would ask the author of this book and similar ones to be more respectful because freedom of expression has limits"...the Da Vinci Code has sold 25 million copies in 44 languages. The Cardinal said Catholic bookstores should stop selling remains a sin for Catholics to read books the Church considers the Cardinal acknowledged that his scathing review could boost sales...His comments are significant because he is close to Pope John Paul and...the Vatican's most powerful office.

The envelopes, dated today, and containing the article below, show that Jimi Code Vs. Da Vinci Code was finished at the moment this Vatican controversy erupted, the sealed and dated envelopes prove that. It reminds me of the envelope, described on this website's Timeline, dated March 11, 1998...]

In history, as in faith, real truth, real insight, is never to be found in bits of information - scientific facts - but in the order and in the pattern that we choose to make with them.
- John Romer

Increasingly, when I've described the contents of Rock Prophecy to people, I've been hearing back from some that the issues raised in Rock Prophecy are similar with Da Vinci Code, a best seller novel by Dan Brown. Rock Prophecy was copyrighted in 1995 and published in 1999. DaVinci Code came out four years later in 2003. So I got a copy of Da Vinci Code and right away saw what others had already noticed about echoes of Rock Prophecy in this novel. There indeed are many areas of overlap between these two books. There are overlaps of ideas expressed with similar language, and there are also overlaps of structural themes in the designs of both stories. After isolating the similar sections between these two books, I've listed them all below. Reading through the similarities, bouncing back and forth between the two stories, we become familiar with both books in a quick and interesting way.

Considering the popularity of Da Vinci Code, it suggests that there are significant numbers of people who would also enjoy these concepts within Rock Prophecy, but Rock Prophecy has been blocked for a decade from any mention in media. And now from Da Vinci Code we can see with more evidence that "lack of interest" in Rock Prophecy is artificial; an example is being set by the men who control media to regard Rock Prophecy as irrelevant. They mold public opinions with their example to ignore the story. Around 80 percent of the mass audience follows what they say without question. But the reality is that Rock Prophecy is the most important story, and presenting it as such makes sense to many when the story is presented properly. Which is what's currently being done. Rock Prophecy is the most powerful evidence that has ever surfaced to expose our rigged system of censorship in media and thought control of consumers by a small group of dominator men.

I wanted to have the similarites between these two books available on line so that the next time this issue comes up, and I'm sure it will, I can then refer to this website for a list of what specifically is similar between the two stories.


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