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The Hendrix Rockprophecy tour moves on to Hamilton, Canada in July:

Rockprophecy Band in Canada

Again media attend the event at the behest of moguls who are monitoring to assess whether these concerts will spread the truth into the mainstream audience, something they are doing everything they can to prevent. After Hamilton on July 19, the Rock Prophecy tour moves to the United States and ads for the first show are published on July 23, 2003:

On this same day (July 23, 2003) that the first ads for the American shows came out, the New York Times, IN RESPONSE TO WHAT THEY HEARD MICHAEL FAIRCHILD SAY IN TORONTO ON JUNE 21st, publishes an article titled "Rock Idol's Legacy Devolves..." They would have been more accurate to say, "Rock Idol's Legacy DESTROYED":

New York Times July 23, 2003:

"How would Hendrix feel about the Jimi Hendrix 'Road Rage' vanilla-scented car air fresheners sold at the official Jimi Hendrix on-line store? The golf balls? The boxer shorts? Jane, who won the rights to Hendrix's music and likeness in 1995 and now runs the company..."

Michael Fairchild on stage in Toronto, Canada, June 21, 2003:

[Jane, the Japanese American woman who was given my job, did NOT "WIN" that bogus lawsuit, which was paid for with Microsoft's Paul Allen's money!] That lawsuit was settled out of court, the Hendrix production company they were sueing (the company I worked for) was BOUGHT OUT in a SETTLEMENT and closed. For the past eight years we've heard these people who now run the Hendrix company in Seattle say, 'We WON the lawsuit!' and the media chimes in, 'They WON the lawsuit!' But at the time, in 1995, I was told by people involved, that those who now run the company had to BUY THEIR WAY OUT of that contract, they had to pay tens of millions of dollars to several parties each to buy their way out of a legally binding contract. That is not what I'd call 'WINNING' a lawsuit...It was a bogus suit. Paul Allenís Hendrix museum, the Experience Music Project, refused to pay me for my work, and then Paul Allen paid for the lawsuit against the Hendrix company I worked for, and was to be director of. As a result of the lawsuit settlement, my job was given to a Japanese American woman. I was unemployed and silenced, this is what I believe the lawsuit was specifically intended to accomplish Ė to silence me. During the lawsuit I was writing the story of Jimiís prediction of an asteroid impact. I sent that story to the Library of Congress for registration and suddenly Paul Allenís media partners started churning out stories about asteroids, highly publicized stories. When I was writing for the Hendrix company the next worldwide release of Hendrix music wouldíve carried Jimiís asteroid prediction. This is what I say the Microsoft lawsuit was really designed to stop, the delivery of Rock Prophecy. I was in a position to release this worldwide and Paul Allenís lawsuit money stopped it. Our world will be destroyed by what Paul Allen did."

CNN Television - July 24, 2003:

Leon Hendrix (Jimi's brother): That wasn't my father's will. Somebody else wrote that will. The way Jimi is being marketed right now, I'm upset about it, and I don't think Jimi would approve. There are no Hendrixes working at the estate right now, not any blood-related Hendrixes.

CNN: The law will not enforce a will that is obtained by undue influence or fraud. From the time that Al Hendrix (Jimi's father) inherited Jimi's estate, after Jimi died in 1970, all the way up until 1977, Leon and his children were in Al's wills and were well provided for. It was only when Al became quite elderly and Jane took over all of his financial and legal affairs that Leon was disinherited. It's certainly a tragedy for your family.

This is the third year in a row that unusual events related to Rock Prophecy have occurred on July 24.