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Employment law attorneys are routinely asked by workers who are discriminated against to fight the laws that allow this to continue. The first thing to register in the attorney's head is the prohibitive cost of unraveling the company's data maze to prove what the I.T. departments are doing. The I.T. staff is well versed in techniques to conceal and "cook" their records. For a lawsuit, attorneys require a whistler blower from inside the I.T. department who will testify, with files/piles of evidence.

By chance, while doing research for this report, I happened to contact an attorney who was in litigation against the call center where I worked. Here's what he said:

ATTORNEY: "The claim that I'm prosecuting is a class action on behalf of every person who's worked for the company since September 1999. They fire people indiscriminately all the time. They're going to come up with a legitimate non-discriminatory reason to can you. They can do it, they have so many different weapons at their disposal. I've seen it happen to some people who've made waves. They definitely weed out trouble makers, but it's very slick, and it's impossible to attribute a motive or even a retaliatory motive. Because they'll lie and wait."

ME: "There're so many regulations and rules. They'll find some violation of discipline."

ATTORNEY: "And they will. I see it all the time. Like dress-code violations, tardiness, not meeting sales criteria, absenteeism, inappropriate behavior, argumentative. They'll start documenting and peppering your files with disciplinary memos."

ME: "That's the environment they require people to work under. I'll report this within a larger story."

ATTORNEY: "I'm very sensitive to all of the issues that you've explained, I'm familiar with what these people do, and I tell you it's a difficult road to hoe if you're going to bring that kind of a claim, unless you can get statistical data that we can have analyzed by a statistician. The EEOC [Equal Employment Opportunity Commission] will file a charge but they'll require statistical evidence. They may follow up and do an investigation, but their resources are limited. If you're not spoon feeding them statistical data, it's improbable that they're going to go through the hundreds of man hours that it will require to analyze these facts to know if there is a claim. That's the big disincentive - it will require thousands of dollars being spent on an expert, and hours and hours of you trying to get data that's valid and an expert reviewing it. It'll probably cost more than several thousand dollars actually, probably $15,000 to $20,000 up front just to determine whether or not your case would survive a motion to dismiss. If the statistics don't bear it out, you're done, no matter how bad what's happened to you has been."


Employment law attorneys are aware that corporations have paid their lapdog politicians to legalize this abuse of workers through rules that allow companies like AT&T to manipulate their employee/customer databases in any way they like. It's legal for call centers to direct all high probability sales calls to a specific employee's phone line. But to do this for the purpose of discriminating against specific employees, and in the context of fraudulently fixing so-called "competition" between workers, is not legal. To prove that a company is doing this means tackling and unraveling the databases that are protected by corporate I.T. departments. In other words, prohibitively expensive evidence is required. A congressional investigation, however, can fund such an effort and ferret out the facts to demonstrate rigged competition. An endless paper trail is recorded on employee paychecks and at the IRS. These records are subject to subpoena. Just do the probability math. Any objective statistician can at a glance determine the improbable irregularities of AT&T's abusive payment schemes that torment call center sales workers. The payment records of the sales reps themselves, along with the testimonies of employees, would paint a compelling picture for any jury or investigation.

Our goal is to find media outlets to break ranks and report this story. If American media continues to conceal the mistreatment of workers, we'll see this incident surface globally as part of the Hendrix/asteroid/Microsoft description of Retarded History that has left us all vulnerable to impact disaster. AT&T is an epitome of the Murderers of Earth whose evil behaviors have sealed our fate.

My belief is that the American people will be reviled by the facts. The politicians who protect this rigged competition in the workplace will be voted out of office (or worse).

Within the work pits of AT&T, all of the supervisors I've seen each agree with an in-your-face denial: "Rigged competition? What rigged competition?" Followed by a smirk: "Prove it." They play the odds knowing what a long shot it is that anyone will be able to pay for the unraveling of company data to demonstrate in a court of law the existence of abusive conditions and rigged competition. Yet hundreds of thousands of workers experience these conditions daily. What an utter nightmare it is to realize that a gigantic portion of the population every day must kow-tow to managerial-class demands and "accept" the faked races in these places and "kiss ass" by staying silent just to keep their jobs. A congressional investigation funded by government would be able to muck-rake that place and expose the tortures, but our bought-off mass media conceals the story to such a degree that those outside of the work pits haven't a clue about the abuse. Corporate mass media is designed to keep this situation hidden.

This invisible battlefield is littered with the impoverished bodies of workers victimized by sadistic managers. We'll find a way to break the news and put this issue of rigged competition in the workplace to a vote. Or at least direct awareness of the scam to those who can use the information.

Companies like AT&T strive to cover their hide with a complex system of safeguards. When the managers decide to start abusing an employee that they don't like, they make sure that the employee can't charge "discrimination" - for example, if they want to discriminate against an older (triple standard) worker, they'll make sure that they have another older (double standard) worker who is making an average amount of sales commission each month. They'll channel enough customers from affluent zip codes to that favored older worker to be able to demonstrate in court if necessary that they do not discriminate against older employees. So with that system in place, managers identify older workers they don't like and now have free reign to use an elaborate set of policies with which to harass that older employee while at the same time being able to "prove" in court that they don't discriminate based on age. For example, I had nearly six years of call center sales and consulting experience. I am really good at customer service work on the phones and have had no problem at prior jobs. But when I got to the AT&T position, manager(s) singled me out, in my opinion, to harass. They seemingly made sure that calls coming into my phone line were mostly from people who were unable to buy anything, most of my calls apparently came from zip codes where high crime and poverty rates existed. When my sales numbers continued to be low, the supervisors called me into meetings to verbally harass me and threaten to dismiss me for "poor performance" - while in my opinion the company management was intentionally causing my sales to be low and my performance "poor."

Then I'd go home and see internet search engines artificially sink my website in their page rankings. Some, like Yahoo, have I.T. staff who seem to resent my work with the Jimi Hendrix company. These search engine technicians intentionally remove my website from all search results for Jimi Hendrix. And web surfers who try to bring up my website are instead re-directed to a "Page Does Not Exist" screen. It's all artificially rigged by Paul Allen and his Microsoft witch doctors to keep concealed the asteroid prediction of Jimi Hendrix.

Then I'd use my website to report about the censorship of Rock Prophecy and I'd cite the epidemic of fake and biased science, the fudged numbers, stacked data, rigged statistics, cooked books. I'd point out how the orbits of asteroids aimed at Earth are "re-calculated" by scientists who are paid by government (and Mr. Allen) to keep the public unaware of the Rock coming at us, so the astronomers artificially rig statistics for the Rock's path.

Then I'd see reports about how scientists are drilling out ice cores from the arctic to analyze them for chemicals present at various periods from the past. How easy it is to plant chemicals into those cores and have the hired scientists unknowingly dig out samples that have been tampered with, so now the chemicals inside "confirm" that past climate disasters and extinctions have been the result, not of asteroids (which government wants us to regard as improbable), but that past disasters are instead the result of volcanoes. More fake and biased science, rigged statistics, just like my sales "close ratio" at work, just like the search-engine results for my website.

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