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After several months of clandestine investigating at this job, my cover was blown. It happened when a co-worker from the call center where I'd worked years earlier came to work at this AT&T center where I was doing my investigation. During conversations with her new co-workers at AT&T she told them she knows me from another job. She disclosed my history with the Jimi Hendrix company. She told them I have a website…

The next day an AT&T program manager named "Kevin" called a meeting with the sales team I was assigned to. The bizarre purpose of this gathering was for Kevin to deliver a quick lecture in praise of Paul Allen (!) None of the proles here even know who Paul Allen is, so Kevin had to mention Bill Gates and explain how Paul Allen was Gates' partner in co-founding Microsoft. No one at the table registered any reaction at all, they just looked confused, they werem't of who he was, for all they knew he was some guy who invented cash registers in some town in Ohio or something. And they became more confused when the manager went on to say Allen and Gates are examples of guys who never finished college yet went on to become billionaires. We all assumed that the point Kevin was making is that, even though many employees at AT&T hadn't gone to college, there is always a chance that, like Paul Allen, they too can become billionaires (!)

While I was picking my jaw up from the floor, Kevin abruptly left the room and everyone sat there puzzled, trying to "read between the lines" some hidden meaning to what this encounter was about. I said nothing. There were no lines for me to read between. It all seemed in-your-face to me:

It was as if Kevin said, "So, Mr. Fairchild, you think people should be equal, you think no one deserve more money than others, you think St. Paul of Microsoft is persecuting you. WEEEELLLL! Mr. Allen happens to own the Seattle Seahawks and Portland Trailblazers, he is a mogul who owns several billion dollars more than you do. If HE decides to bully you, who are we to disagree? So you like equality, eh? WEEEELLLL - I'll show you equality - lemme surround you with high school drop out ghetto talkers and you can watch them all make thousands while we see you fight for every penny. You may have had 6 million readers, but St. Paul put an end to that, didn't he? ha-ha. So - you think you'll alert the world about censorship of asteroids? WEEELLLL - how wonderful to see you stifled and persecuted - how great that we can contribute to bullying you, knowing that most of the measly sheeple herd are brain-trained to agree that anyone who can get millions and billions deserves it - BECAUSE GOD FAVORS THEM - JUST LIKE WE DISFAVOR YOU!"

Those who proclaim, "blessed are the poor" will find themselves hated and reviled.

- John Kloppenborg

For "those who proclaim blessed are the poor" substitute "those who proclaim everyone deserves the same." The mogul class uses media specifically to train proles to "hate and revile" anyone who "proclaims" equality between people is a requirement for avoiding extinction from asteroid impact. Yet equality always was the only antidote for Retarded History. Income equality among us all was the requirement that would have allowed our species to advance hundreds of times faster towards building defenses against asteroids. If we'd all agreed to equality between people, instead of having Retarded History setting us back, we'd have had Accelerated History, and today be protected from Rocks. But NNNOOooOOoo! All of the time and energy wasted in pursuit of delusions about some people deserving more than others is what set us all back and sealed our fate for disaster. After the asteroid impact Mr. Allen's billions will have about as much value as the cloud of dust that'll blot out our Sun for decades. When that day arrives, we'll need to seek out "Kevin" and his AT&T cronies and administer Fair(child)ness to them, by any means…

Our personal achievements result mostly from luck. If our genetic make-up gives us capacities deemed valuable by people, we're lucky to have been born with those genes. If we grow up in a good/stable/affluent/helpful - whatever, environment, we're lucky to have benefited from that advantage. Luck in our genetics and luck in our environments. But those who are unlucky - maybe they have genetic learning disabilities, or grow up surrounded by poverty, hostility, fear and discomfort - these people usually end up punished by society on top of enduring unlucky conditions totally out of their control. It's an irrational, unacceptable, socially insane situation, and it repeatedly brings these people to realize that violence makes sense to them. Explaining that is what gets you "hated and reviled" by the wealthy "lucky" class who's media trains sheeple to think "winners" deserve more than "losers." The sheeple crave affirmation of how special they are. Whatever they have that others don't have is the result of their deserving more - blah, blah, blah...

It's the same old spiel of dominators everywhere, forever, and it's the single belief that leads us to extinction by asteroid disaster - amen. Dominators conceal all explanations about how Retarded History leads to impact. That AT&T manager believed he was contributing to my demise, just like the Microsoft mogul wants him to. A mere cog in the hierarchy wheel that ends at the Nuremburg Defense…"just doin' my job…sir!"

Soon you may almost forget the smell of your families.
- Jimi Hendrix

After Kevin's speech, my cubicle seemed to become flooded with calls from rural Mississippi. I began to feel that residents in every FEMA-park along Katrina's path were being directed specifically to my phone line. Often it'd take me an hour to explain to them how "roll over minutes" work in cellphone-land. Pharaoh Kevin had ordered that bricks be made without straw. Few sales could be made with calls routed in from the "low income credit risk" list that I seem to have been assigned.

I was then notified that if my sales didn't increase I'd be terminated from employment there. So I gave notice to leave that place. I was just a couple months away from starting work with a production company on a book and movie about Jimi Hendrix anyway. And I already had the AT&T story. That company is a classic example of the Nuremberg/Milgram syndrome (see 8 min. YouTube video below), a cornerstone example of Retarded History that's left us defenseless against asteroids. AT&T is a last bastion of Nazi-like camps run by corporations who're protected by a government they've bought off. First Century Press is producing movies and lectures about this totalitarian-style censorship which consumes today's police state.

- Revolutions R Fought 4 Less -

Milgram Experiment Video:


Sales staff at call centers are completely accessible because their job at the center is to answer phone calls from anyone. And we can all call them at the company's expense! Just dial in the toll-free "800" number advertised on the AT&T website (those numbers are listed below for you). Dial in and select the option for "sales." You'll be put right through to the pits to speak with workers caught up in nightmarish discrimination games. These are the new gladiators, so be nice to them, they suffer beneath the boots of AT&T dominators. You can record the phone calls (they record you, so why not?). That whole pool of American workers can simply be asked by any of us to describe the rigged competition in their workplace. You can probe the AT&T employee about the faked races. Many will welcome the chance to talk about abuses there, but they'll be careful because phone conversations are monitored by AT&T. Most will assure you that the the sales competitions are "fair", especially the reps who are favored by managers and raking in thousands each month. Others, knowing the calls are monitored, will feel pressured to deny the fraud they daily face. The surrealness of the situation evokes memories of German villagers living in the shadows of the camps and denying where the stench of burning flesh they smell is coming from. The victims of AT&T Nazi supervisors are living with total awareness of a "secret society" within corporate I.T. staff and managers, with an outside world brain-trained by media-of-the-elite to scoff at "conspiracy theories." They know that to speak out will immediately bring the dominator mantra: "PROVE IT! PROLE!" - backed and approved by their bought-off legislators who block any attempt to investigate state-sponsored torture at AT&T. The jaws of Gitmo awaits us all...

Sales reps in the call center can easily be directed to our homepage where they'll see this report about the AT&T call center. These employees sit in front of computers and each hour access many websites in order to answer questions for customers, so all you have to do is tell them the name of this website and mention the AT&T story here. Say something like:

"I Pledge to Rig the System,
To Protect My Privileges,
To Serve My Furhur!"

"I'm interested in starting service with AT&T, but can you tell me about the rigged competition in your call center? Look at, there's a report on the homepage about AT&T's treatment of workers and how state laws protect company practices."

If you have a blog, capture an interview and inform your readers about AT&T. A boycott of this totalitarian Geobbel's-inspired Frankenstein corporation must be organized immediately. Their army of lawyers lay in wait to label any description of their camps a "fantasy delusion" from a "disgruntled employee" (their favorite code-word for whistle-blowers who seek justice). Secret Societies lurk deep within this corpro-fascist land of dominator klans.

Some of the reps will read this report later at home, others will tell co-workers about it.






You have toll-free access to media outlets too. Call local newspapers, radio and TV stations, ask them to investigate working conditions at AT&T call center sales departments. All it takes is a free call to the phone company. AT&T employees may not talk freely on the job, but conversations can happen outside the workplace. Tell the reps how they can reach you when they get home. No matter what they feel compelled to say at the call center, they may call/email you later outside it. And they don't have to divulge their names in an anonymous call back to you. Point that out to them.

Laws that allow corporations to abuse these workers is what must be changed, but the practice can't stop until it's exposed. We must expose it. Most Americans aren't yet aware of what's happening here, and they'll be concerned to learn how AT&T atrocities were made "legal" and remain secret.

- An Exclusive First Century Press Undercover Investigation -

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VIDEO: AT&T: A New Nuremburg

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