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"If there's anybody who knows about the late rocker Jimi Hendrix, we found him…it's an unusual and historic story, Rochester is a big part of it. Our storyteller is one of the world's top authorities on Jimi Hendrix. Jerry Fiore is on the road to meet up with writer researcher Michael Fairchild."


MF: Jimi at the 1970 Atlanta Pop Festival. On this film, I was the consultant…it pertains to Jimi's connections with Georgia and the roots of blues in Georgia.


"Jimi Hendrix played Rochester in March of 1968 and a blues legend who lived in this house in Rochester was celebrating his 66th birthday on that day when Jimi came to town. His name: Son House. Blues were born with Son House in 1902, and all of what happened then had great impact on today's music."

MF: It traces back to Rochester, New York to 61 Greig Street, where we used to congregate as kids.

"Two weeks ago, one of the Hendrix estate projects, on which Michael is a consultant, was the release of the new MCA blues CD in Europe, and here in America."

MF: Son House was the teacher of Robert Johnson, the originator of Delta blues music, which became the basis of rock 'n roll with Chuck Berry and Little Richard, which went on to become the source for the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Cream and on 'til today. It's a direct link back to this house. It's written about in the booklet for the Jimi Hendrix :Blues CD, which is currently going up the charts around the world.

"Fairchild wrote the 28 page booklet that accompanies the new Hendrix :Blues CD…it was here that the Son House/Hendrix connection surfaced."

- WROC-TV Rochester - May 5, 1994

"It shows the importance of 'the blues' to Jimi...as the highly informative sleeve notes inform us."

- Univibes - May 1994

"A celebration of Hendrix's love for blues...Bravo...providing fans with a glimpse as to just what all the fuss about Jimi Hendrix was in the first place...:Blues nicely complements his legacy and is a welcome addition to any serious Hendrix collection."

- Guitar Magazine - August 1994

"Some of this stuff is just too outrageous for words...Even to the fervid, :Blues is less of a trawling exercise than an eye-opening extravaganza...:Blues is enough to confirm that Hendrix's music still lives."

- Q Magazine (U.K.) - May 1994

":Blues is no casually themed package...:Blues has no filler, no padding, and extensive sleeve notes, and it is difficult to conceive of a more fitting monument to the musical head of Jimi Hendrix...:Blues is a curiously uplifting record."

- Daily Telegraph (U.K.) April 16, 1994

"Hendrix's awesome, timeless guitar sound was rooted in the blues, as clearly shown by this lovingly compiled album...This is utterly essential for Hendrix devotees and blues fans."

- The Chronicle (Wolverhampton, U.K.) April 29, 1994

":Blues is such an excellent compilation, an essential purchase for any remotely interested Hendrixophile...Altogether an inspired release."

- Basildon Echo (U.K.)- April 20, 1994

"Some of the most hair raising guitar playing imagainable...Hendrix transcends nostalgia, this release...hits home with the force of a wondrous new discovery."

- Upbeat Magazine (U.K.)- May 1994

"Better than most new studio LPs today...outstanding tracks...This well-packaged LP seeks to set Hendrix firmly within the blues tradition of the deep south."

- Northumberland Gazette (U.K.) - April 15, 1994

"Hendrix shines through so powerfully that you find yourself saying yet again that he really was that good."

- Top Magazine (U.K.) - April 1994

"This nicely packaged treasure trove...comes with an informative 28-page booklet."

- Invernesss Courrier (U.K.)- April 29, 1994

"Best Historic Recording of '94."

- Guitar Player Magazine - 1995

"On :Blues Hendrix proves to be a master light years ahead of his time...The packgage is pure blues...with detailed text and a historical blues discography to support its thesis that Jimi Hendrix the rocker was actuallly a stellar bluesman in line with Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, and B.B. King...The overall effect of this set is mind-boggling."

- by Karl Byrn, from a column titled Backbeating. The newspaper is from the San Fransico Bay Area (posssibly MetroActive) Spring 1994.

"Guitar Player magazine chose :Blues as its best historic recording of the year."

- Billboard Magazine - April 15, 1995

"Jimi Hendrix and the blues make such a logical connection that it's hard to believe no one has ever assembled an album like :Blues (MCA) before…:Blues covers almost every aspect of the style…What sets this album apart is the way it illuminates the guitarists debt to other bluesmen."

- Rolling Stone - May 19, 1994

"Something really big is going on. Jimi Hendrix :Blues is off to a huge satart. Its March 18 European release saw it debut on the album charts in most countries - among the Top-20 in some - and when it was released a week later in the U.S. it drew an enthusiastic response from Rolling Stone magazine.

"Michael Fairchild's involvement with the project is significant. As was the case with the re-packaging and re-release of Hendrix's first three albums earlier this year, the Rochester native wrote the booklet that accompanies the CD. And in true Fairchild fashion it includes an exhaustive history and track-by-track analysis of Hendrix blues-root efforts, most never before heard. Jimi Hendrix :Blues is quite a work.

"There's no getting around the observation that Michael Fairchild is quite a work himself. Recently, he has been involved with Scotland Yard's re-examination of Hendrix's death, and he talked with NBC's Unsolved Mysteries about the peculiar aspects of the case. He also has started a book about Hendrix with one of the singer's girlfriends and joined a project assembling a Woodstock 25th anniversary CD and video. Previously unsuspected links between Hendrix and nearly everything come to Fairchild in his dreams. The guitarist still occupies a messianic position in Fairchild's world.

"Fairchild works for the Hendrix estate and writes Hendrix related articles for guitar magazines and fanzines, using the words 'prophecy' and 'conspiracy' often. He speaks in rapid, nervous bursts that include biblical imagery, sometimes consulting a notebook as he talks. 'I function,' Fairchild says, 'as the Hendrix therapist in America'...If anything has changed in the last year for Fairchild, it's his sense of being under attack. 'I'm like Noah, and the flood is coming,' he says, 'and everyone is stoning me.' He fetches a Hendrix fanzine, which printed in full an angry message from Fairchild, which it called 'The Fax From Hell.'"

- Democrat & Chronicle - May 5, 1994

"Jimi Hendrix :Blues, composed mainly of previously unreleased tracks, has its share of joys and gems. Hendrix took blues to what may have been its final evolutionary step. It doesn't disappoint with Michael Fairchild's lengthy, imaginative liner notes. They're crammed with anecdotes and observations that perceptively trace Hendrix's influence on a number of his contemporaries and current stars (and, equally important, identify the myriad of influences on him). The prose and content reflect the improvisational riffs contained in the best of Hendrix's blues performances."

- Buffalo News - June 3, 1994

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