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"Jimi Hendrix - The Experience Collection (MCA Records) - The Hendrix catalogue continues to sell an astonishing 3 to 4 million albums each and every year. The most recent collection of discs includes the three original Jimi Hendrix Experience albums...Hendrix expert Michael Fairchild was involved in the project in a number of ways, including workiing on the booklets and writing the liner notes. The insight offered is fascinating and informative, yet never takes away from the Hendrix mystique...this collection...helps to keep the eternal Hendrix flame burning."

- Freetime Magazine (U.S.) - November 24, 1993

"Rochester is home to one of the world's foremost Hendrix authorities, who is very involved with keeping Jimi's legend alive and well. He's employed by Hendrix's estate to do things like write the 24-page booklets that accompany MCA's new Hendrix box set. A new traveling exhibit called Jimi Hendrix: On the Road Again was actually Fairchild's idea. The exhibition is a high-tech interactive introduction to Jimi Hendrix."

MF: I consider myself a translator of what the Hendrix mythology is about.

"Who better to ask what Jimi Hendrix would be doing on his 51st birthday?"

MF: He would've gone into films and stories, themes, he would've been into writing, poetry, he was a multimedia faceted person…

"Fairchild was the consultant on Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock - the film we saw in the story there. It will be release next year to celebrate 25th anniversary of Woodstock."

- GRC9-TV News Rochester - November 24, 1993

"Jimi Hendrix - Cherokee Mist: The Lost Writings (Harper Collins Books)...Cherokee Mist is definitely a book for the Hendrix dedicated. But the glue that actually helps hold the book together is a twelve-page introduction by Hendrix expert Michael Fairchild. As he tells us, 'The writings in this book expand our understanding of Hendrix. Familiar lyrics take on added and altered meanings, while previously unknown songs tease us with unheard melodies.' He goes on to say, 'It is impossible to accurately date most of these pieces' yet they're arranged in a 'basic chronology.' These and other notes help guide us through the book and flesh out Hendrix's notes."

- Freetime Magazine (U.S.) - November 24, 1993

"Three of the most important rock records ever made...repackaging the Hendrix studio trilogy...any cynicism is battered to death by the results, which are simply stunning...the 20-plus page booklets, which contain fine, scene setting sleeve notes and detailed track-by-track analysis...give a sense of completeness to the package that's generally lacking with most CD reissues...Writer Michael Fairchild sensibly steers clear of tub-thumping polemic and instead furnishes the reader with fascinating glimpses into the making of the albums complete with quotes from Hendrix himself."

- Record Collector Magazine - December 1993

"A local man is responsible for a new investigation into the death of Jimi Hendrix, coming up tonight at 11 find out how Michael Fairchild convinced Scotland Yard to re-open the case…Meet the Rochester man who has Scotland Yard re-opening the case…there's a connection between Rochester and this new investigation…it was 25 years ago that Jimi Hendrix performed at the Rochester War Memorial, and it was at that time that local resident Michael Fairchild, began a lifelong interest in the man and his music. When Hendrix died, like many people, Fairchild felt cheated, but because of his own work he may soon be vindicated…Fairchild has parlayed his Hendrix obsession into a writer/researcher position with the Hendrix estate. His research and writings have now created doubt in the theory of Hendrix's death. He's relieved someone is finally listening."

MF: Enough doubt has been raised to reverse this stigma of Jimi as a drug addict, responsible for his own death.

"Why is it important that people learn about what Fairchild considers the real Jimi Hendrix?"

MF: You can't just dismiss Hendrix as an inconsequential figure because of drugs. He was a talented genius of music, but he was also a major historical figure and reference point.

"The man who keeps Jimi Hendrix alive with his writings is now working on a book with one of the rocker's former girlfriend's. Fairchild says it could take a lifetime to write all there is about Jimi Hendrix."

- WHEC-TV Rochester - December 11, 1993

"MCA's recent reissues of the three Jimi Hendrix Experience albums - 'Are You Experienced?,' 'Axis: Bold as Love' and 'Electric Ladyland' - with repackaging, marking the switch of the Hendrix catalogue from Warner Bros. to MCA, includes flashy new covers; the old ones are on the back page of the 24-page booklet that accompanies each release. With solid notes on the songs, sessions and context by Michael Fairchild, these revamped albums are clearly aimed less at Hendrix's original fan base than at the majority of his audience, who weren't even born when Hendrix died in 1970."

- Washington Post - December 19, 1993

"Michael Fairchild seriously believes the book [Cherokee Mist - the Lost Writings of Jimi Hendrix] to be 'the most amazing archeological find since the unearthing of the Dead Sea Scrolls...these writings offer a view from within akin to the Viking probe's transmitted pictures from the surface of Mars'...Hendrix often did like to fantasise in his lyrics about outer space, the items that most engage his writerly attentions here are various film treatments."

- The Sunday Times London - January 2, 1994


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