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"'The Newark concert came at the end of the band's first proper tour of the United States...and represents the dates that made Hendrix a superstar,' said Michael Fairchild, a Hendrix scholar and researcher for the Hendrix estate production company...On the evening of Dr. King's asassination...King was reported shot at roughly 6 p.m. and the concert started not much later...

"By the end of the night Hendrix was well aware of what happened in Tennessee from a barroom incident in which some patrons artempted to provoke him by cheering news of the killing, said Fairchild...No audiotapes from the Newark date have ever surfaced, even though collectors of Hendrix material have long felt they would be treasured additions to his archives, Fairchild said. To a great extent, he attributed the significance of Hendrix's career to its intersections with the historic events of the 1960s and Hendrix's ability to interpret what was going on around him so magnificently in his music. The Newark engagement was one of those occasions and, as such, must have been a 'precious' listening experience, Fairchild said."

- The Star-Ledger, Newark, NJ - April 5, 1993

"The most detailed account ever published thus far concerning a single Jimi Hendrix concert: 'Really A Strange Town,' for which Michael Fairchild pulled out all the research stops! In fact it's so detailed and long, we had to split it up into two parts. Happy reading!"

- UniVibes - May 1993

"Many thanks to Michael Fairchild for truly 'setting the record straight' - I had reservations about Kramer/McDermott's book due to the number of errors in the excerpt published in Guitar World...the gross number of errors and the asinine opinions severly warps the intent of that book. If there are more printings Warner Books should be required to print Fairchild's article (Straight Impressions) as an appendix to the text. I'd also like to thank Michael for his explanation of Jimi's 'Gypsy Sun' concept among other excellent insights expresssed in his article."

- Straight Ahead - May 1993

"What is unique about Hendrix in Ottawa?"

MF: From Ottawa is one of the best stage recordings Jimi made of his band. I consider it among the top five of his shows…just prior to show he bought a reel-to-reel tape recorder at Sam Goodies in New York…a Sony TC 250 tape deck that he carried around. He brought it to Rochester the next day to recorder the show here…the tape recorder was stolen right after the Rochester performance…Jimi had written about these recordings in his diary…he wrote "marvelous sound" for the first show, and "good" for the second. He knew that the Ottawa performance was special…he met Joni Mitchell up there for the first time…and recorded the event in his diary…when he left Ottawa, traveling down to Rochester, he and the drummer discussed plans for a movie that they were working on. A couple of years ago we found the script, a film script he had in Ottawa. It's called Moondust, it has a lot of spectacular scenes, a very unusual script.

"All of this happened in little old Ottawa, the connections are incredible!"

MF: The diary excerpts that have the Ottawa and Rochester passages are going to be published in September in a book from HarperCollins publishers. It's called Cherokee Mist - the Lost Writings of Jimi Hendrix. I wrote the introduction and did a lot of research for that, we tried to find out what the references were that are in his diary, he wrote in symbols and metaphors at some points. It was typical for him to have things stolen out of his hotel room on that tour…there's a new film being produced in London about Jimi Hendrix. It's called Room Full of Mirrors

- CHEZ-FM Radio - Ottawa, Canada - July 19, 1993

"The film Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock...will have its world premier at this year's Empire Music Conference. It will be released in 1994 by MCA...The film, which is being presented in conjunction with Michael Fairchild and Are You Experienced? Ltd. (the company which has released and archived all Hendrix performances since his death.) Fairchild will introduce the film."

- Empire Music Conference programme guide - October 1993

"The Downtown club scene this weekend figures to be a big one...There will be a world premier as well. Sunday's showing of Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock, a film to be released in 1994, will conclude the conference. Rochester's internationally recognized Hendrix authority, Michael Fairchild, will introduce the screening."

- Democrat & Chronicle - October 14, 1993

Cherokee Mist - The Lost Writings book - 1993 HarperCollins - New York

Project Consultant & Contributing Editor: Michael Fairchild. Introduction by Michael Fairchild

"Michael Fairchild, Rochester's internationally recognized authority on the late guitar groundbreaker, wrote the introduction for a Hendrix book to be published today by HarperCollins: Cherokee Mist - The Lost Writings of Jimi Hendrix. at Fairchild's insistence the book will include Hendrix's diary entries about Rochester, which the guitarist referred to as 'really a strange town' before a show here on March 21, 1968. Fairchild's complete version of Really a Strange Town ran and the May and August 1993 editions of UniVibes magazine...

Fairchild has also written exhaustive and exhausting introductions and track by track descriptions for the 24-page booklets accompanying last week's re-release of Hendrix's first three albums Axis: Bold as Love, Electric Ladyland and Are You Experienced?...He once portrayed Hendrix in a local tribute band, and his new album notes cast the guitarist in a cosmic context: 'Are You Experienced? is a key to the union of ancient and futuristic urges,' he writes of Hendrix's first album. And his weighty assessment of Axis: Bold as Love: 'Axis is the pivot which connects all music that ever was, with all music that will ever be.'"

- Democrat & Chronicle - October 22, 1993


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