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September 28, 2003:

A blazing meteor appears over India near coastal Orissa. Media in Bhubaneswar, India report, "Villagers in Kendrapara district stumbled upon two strange objects this morning. While the object at the village of Benakand was blown to smithereens, the one at Paschima Suniti, weighing 5.7 kg, was intact. The ball of fire, described by scientists as a meteorite, streaked across the sky from west to east before landing on a thatched house at about 6.30 p.m. yesterday and was witnessed by people in at least 11 districts in the coastal belt. One of the 11 persons admitted to hospitals in Kendrapara, Jajpur, and Mayurbhanj districts died in the SCB Medical College Hospital at Cuttack today. Sukadeb Singh age 75, who along with two others, had been shifted from Kendrapara hospital to Cuttack, died this morning. Five persons, including three from one family, were admitted to hospitals in three different places of Jajpur district while three others were hospitalized at Kaptipada in Mayurbhanj district.

"The three persons, who fell unconscious after the incident, were recovering in the Kaptipada Hospital. A 75-year-old man, Harekrushna Behera, complained that he had lost his vision after seeing the ball of fire. In Kolkata, M.P. Brila Planetarium clarified that the streak of luminous yellow light which turned to orange and finally brilliant blue was a meteorite."

The meteor impact in India is just the beginning. While Paul Allen's PBS series, "The Blues" is airing a dumb episode about the history of blues in New Orleans, a second meteor smashes into a house in that city! Mitch Battros of ECTV reports, "A second meteorite crashes to Earth causing extensive damage to a home in New Orleans. Could there be a connection to a meteorite which hit in India injuring five people? I would not rule this out. The question might be; is there something or some event which is 'pulling' celestial orbs towards Earth?"

[NOTE: This PBS series about Blues in New Orleans was produced by Mr. Allen after he arranged for my writings about blues, published by MCA, to be taken off the market. Mr. Allen was in the process of brainwashing the American public with his PBS show about blues in New Orleans when the Deity protested by tossing a rock from space into New Orleans. And to confirm how miraculous this intervention was, almost every single media outlet in the United States followed orders to CONCEAL THIS STORY. Like a waking nightmare, we are living in a society trained to agree with media and accept their "judgements" that these events are not worth informing the public about.]

In New Orleans, Mark Schleifstein of the Times Picayune, reports, "A meteorite which measures 9" in diameter crashes into a residents roof. Then the orb crashes through the second story floor, then through the first story floor, and then is deeply embedded into the concrete foundation. Luckily, home owner Roy Fausset and his family were not home. Fausset says 'The powder room door was open and it looked like an artillery shell had hit the room.' It was a sandy colored rock that appeared to have been burned around its edges. Preliminary tests by scientists at Tulane University indicate this particular rock came from outer space."

January 4, 2004:

A meteor is videotaped blazing over Spain.

January 13, 2004:

BBC News reports that a 30m object, later designated 2004 AS1, had a one-in-four chance of hitting the planet within 36 hours. It could have caused local devastation and the researchers contemplated a call to President Bush before new data finally showed there was no danger. The procedures for raising the alarm in such circumstances are now being revised. At the time, the president's team would have been putting the final touches to a speech he was due to make the following day at the headquarters of NASA, the US space agency. In it he planned to reset the course of manned spaceflight, sending it back to the Moon and on to Mars, but he could have had something very different to say. He could have begun by warning the world it was about to be hit by a space rock…The Minor Planet Center in Massachusetts - the clearing house for such observations - posted details on the internet requesting attention from astronomers…2004 AS1? It turned out to be bigger than anyone had thought - about 500m wide. It eventually passed the Earth at a distance of about 12 million km."

February 24, 2004:

"Astronomers have revealed how they came within minutes of alerting the world to a potential asteroid strike last month," says the BBC News. "Some scientists believed on 13 January that a 30m object, later designated 2004 AS1, had a one-in-four chance of hitting the planet within 36 hours...before new data finally showed there was no danger...the asteroid had a 25% chance of striking the Earth's Northern Hemisphere in a few days...2004 AS1...turned out to be bigger than anyone had thought - about 500m wide. It eventually passed the Earth at a distance of about 12 million km."

March 18, 2004:

What this article conceals is the fact that this rock was spotted just three days earlier, which reinforces the point that the Rock that Jimi predicted will not be seen in time to do anything about it. And the article emphasizes that, if 2004 FH had hit, "it would have simply but spectacularly burned up [in the[ atmosphere." But another article from MSN.com claims, "An object of this size, were it to take direct aim, would likely break apart or explode in the atmosphere, astronomers say. The result could cause local damage. An object just slightly larger could survive to the surface and destroy a city." In other words, the explosion in the sky, just blowing up in the atmosphere, would flatten and burn everything on ground within radius. This dumb article makes it look like we'd all be treated to a fireworks show.

MSN.com goes on to report, "Astronomers can't say whether the asteroid might encounter Earth in the future as it continues to orbit the sun…Researchers say significant new spending would be required to purposely find and track asteroids smaller than 0.6 miles (1 kilometer). Asteroid hunters…are not set up to spot all of the smaller objects that inhabit the same general space as Earth. There could be millions. Those that are found involve serendipity…This spring, two recently found comets are expected to become visible to the naked eye for observers around the world."

"As far as flying space rocks go, it's as close an encounter as mankind has ever had," reportsd CNN. "A 100-foot diameter asteroid will pass within 26,500 miles of Earth on Thursday evening, the closest-ever brush on record by a space rock, NASA astronomers said... first spied late Monday…the asteroid will pass within the moon's orbit…The asteroid, 2004 FH…should be visible through binoculars to stargazers…Astronomers found the asteroid late Monday during a routine survey carried out with a pair of telescopes in New Mexico funded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration…Astronomers have not ruled out that the asteroid and our planet could meet again sometime in the future."

March 19, 2004:

On the same day that media reported the near miss of asteroid 2004 FH, the local newspaper in Rochester printed the article shown on the left...

Notice how the editors mislead us by claiming, "Amazingly, that chunk of space rock almost went undetected." But most asteroids that approach Earth go undetected, there is nothing "amazing " about that, it's a fact. What IS detected here is corporate media again lulling the public into a false sense of security.

March 27, 2004:

ECTV's Mitch Battros reports, "I know this is hard to believe, but it's true. Just hours ago, a new razor close asteroid zoomed by Earth. It is known as '2004 FY15'. It was discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey (CSS) in Arizona and confirmed early by Robert Hutsebaut of Brussels, Belgium. The object is 25 meters (75 feet) across. Distance was a mere 23,786 km (14,780 miles), or 12,000 miles closer than last week's Asteroid 2004 FH "record close flyby."


March 31, 2004:

Asteroid 2004 FU162 comes the closest to Earth of any asteroid yet discovered. The LINEAR survey system in New Mexico tracked it over a 44-minute period and from its brightness estimated its size at around 10 m across

Besides being the closest known brush with Earth, the other unusual aspect of this flyby is that the world astronomical community closed ranks to keep the event secret for the next FIVE MONTHS! It wasn't until August 23, 2004 that the news was leaked to NewScientist.com, which noted, "Steven Chesley of NASA.s Jet Propulsion Laboratory calculated that the encounter with the Earth shifted the asteroid's orbit. 'This was an extraordinarily close encounter and so the orbital change was quite extraordinary. 2004 FU162 was deflected by about 20 degrees because of the Earth's gravity. I've never seen anything like that before,' Chesley said."

Obviously the near miss of this rock was kept secret because mogul controlled media doesn't want the public to consider the fact that asteroids can sneak up so close to Earth and not be spotted, or detected by astronomers until it's too late. But FU162 says "FU" aka "FUCK YOU" to that lie - it's more proof that the Rock that blows us away won't be seen until it's far too late to do anything to stop it.


June 19, 2004:

Asteroid 2004 MN4, a quarter-mile wide Rock, is discovered by Roy Tucker, David Tholen and Fabrizio Bernardi of the NASA-funded University of Hawaii Asteroid Survey (UHAS), from Kitt Peak, Arizona. The Rock's path will not be known until Christmas time. Asteroid MN4 is rediscovered from Australia by Gordon Garradd of the Siding Spring Survey, another NASA-funded NEA survey. Further observations from around the globe over the next several days allowed the Minor Planet Center to confirm the connection to the June discovery, at which point the possibility of impact in 2029 was realized by the automatic SENTRY system of NASA's Near-Earth Object Program Office. NEODyS, a similar automatic system at the University of Pisa and the University of Valladolid, Spain also detected the impact possibility and provided similar predictions. The news broke at Christmas time...