Paul Allen's PBS TV Series Rebuttal to Rock Prophecy:

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Paul Allen = RED, and Michael Fairchild = BLUE


EV 2001: Throughout human evolution, could nature have selected, not just for the fittest, but for those with the most acute social skills? What language does, the bottom line, is it allows us to hold big groups together. It's like kind of opening a window of opportunity, suddenly there are all sorts of other things you can do with it, because you can use it to solicit information about third parties.

RP 1999: Everyone who is familiar with Darwinian evolution is familiar with the expression "survival of the fittest." And that phrase was probably very relevant and pertinent when we lived as hunter-gatherer tribes in forests and had to be wary of predators. But we have become the biggest predator on our planet. If you know the history of predators, you know that this ultimately leads to their extinction…In October 1999 [human population] hit six billion. Ninety percent of this growth was in poor countries...How well young people are able to implement the responsibility of parenting will make the difference between our setting course for an environmental Armageddon or a better quality of life.

EV 2001: Today the world is bursting at the seams with people…there are now six billion of us on the planet. Even the dinosaurs would run for their lives. We have caused the rate of extinction to soar. It's now over 100 times greater than normal. Many scientists worry that we are the new asteroid bringing about the sixth great mass extinction on Earth.

RP 1999: A rock ten kilometers wide would unleash a billion-megaton blast. Such a catastrophe devastated the Earth 65 million years ago…Prolonged impact winter set in. Most living creatures perished. As the planet recovered over the ensuing centuries, out of the rubble emerged smaller mammals, including the ancestors of man. The asteroid that brought extinction for the dinosaurs also opened the door for human evolution. A curse for one species became a blessing for another. This is why Jimi regarded these solar events as being "neither bad nor good."

EV 2001: What happens when a planet-wide catastrophe kills off many species in a great mass extinction?...Suddenly you've leveled the playing field. It was a level playing field that made our very existence possible after a mass extinction 65 million years ago. Now it is we who may be causing a new one, but this time, we may not be as lucky as we face evolution's severest test.

RP 1999:

"Love is being tested here." - Jimi

Hendrix realized that, as a society, all of our actions must be tempered with the knowledge that it is only a matter of time before a Rock intersects our path.

EV 2001: Two hundred and fifty million years ago…all of the Permian creatures have disappeared entirely…We see layers of rock that could only have formed in the absence of animal life. So catastrophic was that mass extinction that even the small creatures have died out.

RP 1999: Two hundred and forty million years ago, 80 percent of life on Earth may have been wiped out by asteroids. . .five events that may have occurred within as brief a period of time as four hours . . . [Scientists] studied impact craters that seemed unrelated on a modern map, but when you turn back the clock 200 million years to where the continents were before they drifted to their current positions, the craters are almost in a straight line . . . indicating that the body that collided with Earth came in in chunks - bang, bang, bang.

EV 2001: What could destroy so much, what could turn day into a seemingly endless night? It may have been a comet, as some new evidence suggests…ecosystems around the world were ravaged, mass extinction followed…The inconceivable happened again 65 million years ago. It's thought that an asteroid larger than Mount Everest reached the Earth traveling 25,000 mph…Known as the KT Event, the impact changed the face of life on Earth…the house of cards built since the last mass extinction collapsed, but this time it was the dinosaurs that fell the furthest.

RP 1999: An undersea expedition has unearthed the first scientific evidence for a massive asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago…Drilling deep into the ocean floor off the Florida coast, scientists have found the story written in layers of sand, including a two-inch layer of gray clay, indicating life was nearly wiped off this planet for nearly five thousand years after the asteroid hit.

EV 2001: Ninety-five to ninety-nine percent of all species that have lived on the planet have gone extinct. On average a species dies out after 4 million years of existence…conditions change, a new predator arrives…Humans are unique. We are a product of evolution, but we've taken the first tentative steps towards controlling our evolutionary destiny. It's a brave new world we're entering. Only time will tell if we'll be as successful at guiding or future as evolution has been.


RP 1999: If we are to survive as a species on our planet, and we have to ensure the survival of the planet itself, we need a new kind of evolution, distinct from so-called Darwinian evolution...We are over with physical evolution, but in a new phase of our evolution, the evolution of consciousness.

EV 2001: For our species, as for all others, biological evolution has been the primary engine of change. But since the birth of culture some 50,000 years ago, forces far more powerful have overtaken human evolution. The mind's Big Bang was the birth of a new kind of change, not of the body, but of ideas. For the future of humankind, evolution may be no more than what we make of it.

RP 1999: "Mutation-causing, psychoactive chemical compounds in the early human diet directly influenced the rapid reorganization of the brain's information processing capacities. Alkaloids in plants, specifically the hallucinogenic compounds...catalyzed the emergence of human self-reflection...hallucinogens acted as catalysts in the development of imagination, fueling the creation of internal stratagems and hopes that may well have synergized the emergence of language and religion…Without such a visionary relationship to psychedelic exopheromones that regulate our symbiotic relationship with the plant kingdom, we stand outside of an understanding of planetary purpose." - Terrence McKenna

EV 2001: Our ancestors were refining technology and art and communicating in complex ways. It appears as if these changes occurred rapidly. How could it have happened? My own view is that there was a brain change, that there was a genetic change that promoted the fully modern human brain that allowed the kind of innovation and invention, the ability to innovate and invent, that is a characteristic of modern humans. If you accept the idea that there was a neurological change 50,000 years ago, and that this was rooted in biology, it would just become the latest, and most recent, in a long series of mutations on which natural selection operated to produce the human species.

RP 1999: Jimi Hendrix embodied evolutionary change in the biochemistry of humans and of the Earth. Jimi functioned like a potent supernatural hallucinogen affecting our planet. It was as if a mutational strain was manifest in human form, introduced into the Environment. Jimi christened the Rock with the name Love, therefore "Love" and "Rock" now have double meanings: each is a noun that refers to the asteroid, and each is a verb, i.e. "to love the world" or "to rock the cradle." Rock music is like an evolutionary alarm clock meant to activate awareness of "Love." Jimi is the link through which this mutation was made.

RP 1999: "All of a sudden kids come along with a different set of brain cells and the establishment doesn't know what to do. The walls are crumbling and the establishment doesn't want to let go." - Jimi

EV 2001: It is very likely that the changes in the brain didn't happen overnight. There wasn't one magical mutation that miraculously allowed us to speak, and to walk upright, and to cooperate with one another, and to figure out how the world works.

RP 1999: "See, evolution of man is changing the brain, so quite naturally you're gonna have hang-ups, here and there, of thought. But still, the whole past is going towards a higher way of thinking, towards a clearer way of thinking." - Jimi

RP 1999: Was Hendrix possessed with telepathy? Extraterrestrial visions inspired his writing…Remote Viewing was a native talent in Jimi. Hendrix possessed perceptions that represent an evolutionary leap for our species. An evolutionary mutation today transforms the gene pool of humans. Hendrix represents the forefront of this wave. A small fraction of our race carries this trait of altered perceptions. Sensing the Rock's return, Gaia is spawning a new breed of freeks to be her natural defense. We are the forerunners of tomorrow's world, a human order free from inequality and aware of our purpose. We bear witness to the last gasp of dominators at the brink of extinction.

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