Paul Allen's PBS TV Series Rebuttal to Rock Prophecy:

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Paul Allen = RED, and Michael Fairchild = BLUE


RP 1999: Explanations about how major religions of the world were designed to empower heterosexual men while justifying privileges for the lucki-est among T.H.E.M. is what elitist media is most concerned to conceal. The belief system fed to the "mass class" by the elites deletes all calls for equality. The concept of equal money for everyone doesn't even register among the hypnotized public. The fight for fairness is omitted from HIStory like nutrition is removed from processed bread. Equal access for everyone to everything (as far as is possible) is the solution to human suffering and the single idea that dominators must suppress. Common-sense fairness has been made to seem strange to most people, to a point where discussion of it will "disconcert and annoy." Instead of equality, HIStory transmits elitism. Intolerable unfairness is inflicted on masses of worker-slaves, people who never get enough time to analyze what's happening. Conditioned with the "constraint of concision," they struggle beneath the wheel of dominator overlords who keep us all running ragged on a work-a-day treadmill.

RP 1999: Through Jimi's life a continuum of issues connect like dominos in a row. His story touches one by one the key ideas of modern thinking in our world and enables us to construct an understanding of the past. The philosophy is called Spiritual Blues, and it forms the basis of faith in Creation's Way - the Equality Religion.

"The story of the asteroid belt in our solar system is explained." - Jimi

EV 2001: If [you] spend your life work trying to explain creation, you would come one step short, and that is the miraculous element that God introduced, that no man can explain. So if [your] hope and your dream in life is to explain creation, [you're] going to die a disappointed man, because you can't explain the miraculous.

RP 1999: The word "religion" comes from the Latin term religio, meaning "bond." Religio is derived from the verb religare, which means "to tie back" or "link back," like a ligament. In religion we find myths and explanations that link our world back to the beginning of time, to the start of Creation. It is in this sense that the Hendrix story conforms to the meaning of religion, because the issues and explanations surrounding Hendrix trigger a chain reaction of insights that link back to the world's creeds and exposes the psychological intent behind these stories.

"I don't go by comparisons. I just go by the truthness or the falseness of the whole thing,
the intentions of whatever it might be."
- Jimi

RP 1999: The slim window (in geologic time) which exists between major impacts is due to close. Rock Prophecy will remain as the explanation of what happened…Rock Prophecy explains the biological base of our human tragedy, the struggle of one sex to dominate the other, a conflict which thwarted the collective effort necessary for our civilization's survival. The Prophecy centers on sexual tensions behind world religions, a collision of myths for which Hendrix is figurehead…Digging beneath the surface we see a meaning: after the asteroid lands, new life on this planet will evolve and dig out nuggets from the rubble, unearthing treasures that Jimi called Black Gold. Black Gold is Rock Prophecy, a Rosetta Stone holding keys with which to translate what happened - the single explanation, the one link.

RP 1999: "A person should try to get . . . a certain faith with one link. There's no whole lot of religions, just one link. There's only a few chosen people that supposedly are to get this across . . . Some people should just be lent to start ideas, and others should carry them out." - Jimi

RP 1999: It may be that we will witness a remythologizing of religion . . . replaced by the emergence of imagery that is not hierarchical…This means that no adequate models can be taken from the past…Hendrix is the non-dominator common denominator: a central mutation around which Mother Earth directs our metamorphosis. Freeks see Jimi as a lightning rod igniting our enlightenment. His birth marks the start of a revolutionary evolution in the human gene pool…Comprehending Hendrix means realizing that it is Jimi who frees the slaves trained by culture cults called "religion." Our chains break when we grasp the issues and explanations generated by Hendrix. His story re-interprets the myths of religion. Through a Hendrix Perspective the next generation can at last be deprogrammed. This is the Hendrix Event, the long-awaited revelation…When humanity has perished, the legacy of what happened to us will be left explained only in Rock Prophecy, buried as "Black Gold" amidst rubble, in the bruised eye of a lopsided planet ringed black and blue after impact.


EV 2001: Conflicts between adherence to the Christian faith, and the assertions of evolutionary theory, are not just political or academic. They are personal. The emotions are very real, and they do play into the whole picture, because it's about something to do with human beings, to do with our very soul, our very existence, and that's what makes it so important.

RP 1999: Writings about domination became the key clauses around which the final draft of the Bible was constructed. Three centuries after the death of Jesus, a small fraction of the stories about him were published as the New Testament Bible of the Roman Empire. The selection process for its contents was determined by Roman men whose extensive edits fashioned the Bible into their own image…Today's legal system overflows with long contractual tomes. Most of these lengthy contracts contain just a few key passages, the main points of the agreement - the boilerplate issues - which 95% of the surrounding contract serves to clarify and support. In a similar way, the many rules and beliefs of the male religions hide the key boilerplate ideas behind a deluge of minor clauses (like "don't eat pigs because they have divided hoofs" - Leviticus 11:7)…Of the tens of thousands of verses in the Bible, only eight can be interpreted as referring to homosexuality…it is disingenuous for Christians to pick out the [anti-gay] verses and then blindly ignore all of the other verses that surround it…A maze of arcane details surrounding the key clauses in the Bible distracts readers from a few strategic decrees - key clauses that are at the core of heterosexual male religions.

RP 1999: As human populations stretch the limits of our planet's capacity to support us, homosexuality is a natural answer meant to benefit our species. God did create "Adam and Steve." The Creation story of Adamas was preserved by churches in ancient Greece, it is one of the many gospels deleted and excluded from the official Bible. This gay Creation myth is described by Hippolytus (170-236 C.E.), he writes of "the Naassenes, who are so called after the Hebrew language, in which 'naas' is the word for the serpent. But after this they call themselves Gnostics, alleging that they alone 'know the deep things'" (Rev. 2:24).

RP 1999: What happened to these lost chapters from the Bible? Who destroyed the testaments of the Naassenes and the Samothracians?…Canon is a term derived from the Greek word kanon, meaning rules or guidelines. A century and a half after Jesus died, his followers began to debate and argue about which gospels to include in, and which to exclude from, the "official" canon of the faith…Irenaeus drew up a list of the gospels that reflected his prejudices and declared that all other gospels were the work of "heretics" - a Greek word for "one who makes a choice." No "choices" were to be made under Irenaeus. His plan of propaganda aimed to sanction only heterosexual men, and condemn the rest, especially women and gays…Iranaeus began a crusade to see that all sacred writings favoring women and gays be banned as heresy.

RP 1999: If gays are nature's way of thinning the herd by reducing the number of births, then homosexuality is natural and intended by God. Herd thinners are proof that the Bible edited together by Rome cannot be the "word of God," and stories in it were written, edited, and tailored in favor of straight men, with explicit intent to direct harm towards homosexuals:

RP 1999: Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind, it is abomination. Those who do will be put to death, just as they deserve. - Leviticus 20:13


EV 2001: Two thirds of all conversation, Robin Dunbar believes, is dedicated to gossip…The conventional view, of all of those who worked on language, is that language is about the transmission of technically complex information. This is what I call the "Einstein & Shakespeare" version of language. The answer is, no it isn't. If you actually go and listen to what people talk about on a day-to-day basis, back in their homes, or on the street, or over the garden fence, it's about social relationships. The most surprising thing was actually how much time people did spend in social gossip. We really hadn't expected it to be so great…We didn't expect it to be perhaps more than about a third of total conversation time. And here we were at two thirds.

RP 1999: "At the moment people use only a minute part of their mind and there's so much more scope. If only people wouldn't concentrate on the superficial things, they might find the real meaning and true happiness."

- Jimi

"Ride the Waves of my Interpreture. Music, Sound - truth and life, regardless of your questionable timid compromises, which I intend to erase, which I will erase, without a hint of reward, as I am only a messenger and you a sheep in process of evolution, almost at death with yourself, and on the staircase of birth. Soon you may almost forget the smell of your family."

- Jimi