Paul Allen's PBS TV Series Rebuttal to Rock Prophecy:

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Paul Allen = RED, and Michael Fairchild = BLUE


EV 2001: Scientists and medical researchers who've focused on the subject are more and more in agreement that it's a big mistake for humanity to separate itself from the rest of the living world too much. The vast majority of species out there are our friends, they're not our enemies. We not only benefit from them, but as a whole, they are essential to our existence. We're the fortunate heirs of more than 3 billion years of evolution.

RP 1999: We are risking our own extinction, and risking the extinction of Mother Earth...The universe has chosen us to take care of it, we are a privileged species…"The biblical condemnation of nature," explains Joseph Campbell, "[to say] God is not in nature, God is separate from nature and nature is not God. This distinction between God and the world...this is a religious system that belongs to the near East following Zarathustra's time. It's in the biblical tradition all the way in Christianity and Islam as well - this business of not being with nature. We speak with derogation of 'the nature religions.' You see, with that Fall in the Garden, nature was regarded as corrupt. Here's a myth for you that corrupts the whole world for us! And every spontaneous act is sinful because nature is corrupt and has to be corrected and must not be yielded to...[this is] a refusal to affirm life. Life is evil in this view. Every natural impulse is sinful unless you've been baptized or circumcised in this tradition that we've inherited. For heaven's sake!...You get a totally different civilization, a totally different way of living according to your myth, as to whether nature has fallen or whether nature is itself a manifestation of divinity, and the spirit being the revelation of the divinity that's inherent in nature."


EV 2001: If you're just a mixture of chemicals, what is life all about? Why this sense of hopelessness, this sense of purposelessness? The reason is, because they're given no purpose and meaning in life.

RP 1999: It always was a matter of time. How long did civilization have to fathom our purpose and rise to the occasion before it's too late?...From the perspective of the biosphere, the purpose for human intelligence having been evolved by Earth is to create a defense against asteroids. Humans are collectively a protective mutation evolved by Gaia to produce enough destructive capacity to shatter rocks. That's what all living planets (with water based life forms) do. This is why people are fascinated with flight and with explosives, and speed. We've been programmed to seek out and destroy globe-threatening asteroids. We are meant to function as the "teeth" of the planet…Rock Prophecy reveals that human life was evolved by Earth specifically for the purpose of developing flight/explosives/speed capability that can protect the planet from impacts. All planets that support life anywhere in the universe evolve the same capability. Rock Prophecy maintains that this process is the main thing that planets are concerned to do.

RP 1999: Throughout history, our purpose was sensed by shamans and seers. In dominator cultures these people were brutalized and removed from society, their visions persecuted with them into oblivion. The suppression of benefits, of what would have resulted from what they knew, has set back our advance towards technology we now need. Our society has little time left within which to arm the planet, and dominators stand in our way. Their aggressive competitive MENtality seeks to silence all calls for equality. In the absence of equality, our race fought and crawled its way through HIStory. Our combative ancestors squandered opportunities which, if acted upon, would have saved us today.


EV 2001: We seem so special, it's hard not to think that we are somehow an exception to evolution, but of course we're not. The transformation that led to us was no different from other transformations.

RP 1999: After the impact, our planet's atmosphere will remain inhospitable for life…a new civilization will be built, and this civilization too will meet the same fate, and the civilization after that, for many times more into a distant future of many Hendrix Millennia, until one society evolves to a state of equality from which global defense against asteroids can be achieved. From the view of geologic time, near-extinctions after impacts every ten or every hundred thousand years happen in the blink of an eye. Hendrix understood this at the end of his life, just hours before death, in the last words he wrote:

The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye, the story of Love is hello and good-bye, until we meet again. - Jimi

RP 1999: Civilizations will come and go every so many asteroid-ended centuries, because people progress only so far before "the story of Love" - the arrival of another Rock - says "hello" and we say "good-bye," until we evolve again, out of the rubble, and start the cycle all over.

RP 1999: "The axis of the Earth, if it changes, it changes the whole face of the Earth, like every few thousand years, so that new civilizations come every time it changes." - Jimi

RP 1999: Today's society is but one more link in this progression over eons of time. This is Creation's Way of evolution. An end to one civilization's span of centuries on Earth does not affect the process; in fact, the galaxies don't even notice. After all, the cosmos has all the time in the universe.

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EV 2001: Does this mean we are not unique in many ways? Of course not, we're the ones telling the story. And that's very important, that evolution, that life, has gotten to the point where it can tell the story…We can do more than just watch native species go extinct, we can fight back. But that requires information we may not have.

RP 1999: The men who control media train the public to accept competitive customs that prevent us from mounting the collective effort necessary to develop a defense against asteroids. Locked in this straight-jacket MENtality, we are oblivious to our fate…After ages of delays we finally arrive at where we should have been many centuries ago. Today a change to a culture of equality can finally be made. Dominators are doing everything they can to train us to think this isn't possible. But if it ain't equality, it's hate. And we as a people become more free with every dominator we impede, by any means…The effects of inequity lead us to the brink of extinction. Dominators call equality impractical and Rock Prophecy is condemned, but objections have no effect on the asteroid coming at us. The politics of equality once offered us a chance to organize our resources and protect the planet. Today's civilization lost that opportunity, we're left defenseless, our energies spent on an elite few, and yet we were warned. The possibility of survival existed and we missed it. When the asteroid lands, dominators will deny the Prophecy still. Suffering under radical lack of expanded perceptions, they can't fathom that Hendrix sensed our destiny. They are to blame for shaping a society of people derelict in their duty to protect Earth. So to a defenseless world Love now comes.

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