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Transcribed passages from Da Vinci Code appear in red below. And corresponding passages from Rock Prophecy follow in blue.

Both books center on murder in a world class museum: the Louvre in Paris (where a scholar who keeps the secret is murdered), and the Experience Music Project in Seattle (where the Murderer of Earth, Paul Allen, keeps Rock Prophecy a secret.)


DC 2003: The monolithic Renaissance palace that had become the most famous Art Museum and the world. Musee du the imposing façade of the Louvre rose like a citadel against the Paris sky…65,300 pieces of art in this building…the longest building in Europe, stretching farther than three Eiffel Towers.

RP 1999:…the "Hendrix Museum"…Like Constantine's reconstruction of Jesus, with Bethlehem temples in the prophet's hometown, Paul Allen's Experience Music Project in Seattle likewise presents an interpretation of Jimi, gaudy "cathedral" and all…More than 10,000 Hendrix artifacts make up the bulk of the collection at the $240 million Experience Music Project…in the shadow of the Seattle Space Needle.

DC 2003: The Judicial Police? The DCPJ was the rough equivalent of the U.S. FBI…[investigating the death of a scholar at the Louvre].

RP 1999: Scotland Yard announced that British officials had agreed to investigate the death of Hendrix…an official 1993 investigation mounted in response to my article…

And in both books the villain is whiter-than-white: Da Vinci Code has an albino monk kill the keeper of the Grail, and the corresponding person in Rock Prophecy is the near-albino blonde painter (Monika) who lives like a monk (Monk=Monika).

Da Vinci Code features a group called Knights Templar:

DC 2003: The Templars' potent treasure trove of documents, which had apparently been their source of power, was Clement's true objective, but it slipped through his fingers.

In Rock Prophecy, the counterpart to the Templars is the Hendrix Network:

RP 1999: …to collectors who pursue Hendrix items, recordings are a priority…collectors who bid for every shred of photographic, poster, and video evidence…Jimi's interviews and handwritten remnants: collected pages of his poems, lyrics, and letters…thousands of published articles…publishers insist on approaching Jimi from a tedious MENtality…they're all the same book and they miss the…meaning. Ideas about the significance of the story never registers…

Within the Templars organization, Da Vinci Code describes a sub-group of experts. These distinguished scholars are called the Priory of Sion, and only they are privy to the meaning of the "treasure trove of documents."

DC 2003: The documents had long since been entrusted to the Templars' shadowy architects, the Priory of Sion, whose veil of secrecy had kept them safely out of range of the Vatican's onslaught.

Likewise, within the Hendrix Network there is a subcategory of scholars called Hendrix Experts.

RP 1999: I achieved the most visibility of the world's Hendrix experts...Jimi's Prophecy was known only to me during the seven years that I was writer and consultant for the Hendrix production company...I was the only one to recognize the full scope of Jimi's story…the concepts remain unexplained outside of these pages.

Both books focus on important and historic documents:

DC 2003: Where did the documents go? That mystery's answer is known only to the Priory of Sion. Because the documents remain the source of constant investigation and speculation even today, they are believed to have been moved and rehidden several times. Current speculation places the documents somewhere in the United Kingdom…The entire collection of documents, its power, and the secret it reveals have become known by a single name - Sangreal.

RP 1999: A timely prophecy remains hidden within the writings of Jimi Hendrix. In 1993, while working for Harper Collins on the book, Cherokee Mist - the Lost Writings of Jimi Hendrix, I grasped the vision that this shaman seer was racing to communicate at the time of his death…The manuscript is titled Rock Prophecy, it is the original trigger for an avalanche of asteroid stories in recent media…Moondust is a 30 page screenplay by Jimi Hendrix…handwritten pages…in the catalogue for Sothebys sale 6258 Animation Art and Rock 'n' Roll Memorabilia…the entire 30 page manuscript on public display at Sothebys in New York during the week prior to the auction…reveals that his screenplay is a set up for "the story of the asteroid belt in our solar system."


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