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Transcribed passages from Da Vinci Code appear in red below. And corresponding passages from Rock Prophecy follow in blue.



DC 2003: The mystical teachings of the Kabbala drew heavily on anagrams - rearranging the letters of Hebrew words to derive new meanings…French kings throughout the Renaissance were convinced that anagrams held magic power…they appointed royal anagrams to help them make better decisions by analyzing words in important documents…The Atbash Cipher was a simple substitution code based on the 22 letter Hebrew alphabet…text encrypted with Atbash is found throughout the Kabbala.

RP 1999: The Qabalistic Gematria…uses the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and their corresponding numbers, to decode hidden meanings in the scriptures…the Jewish Kabbala, which is based upon a highly complicated number mysticism…looks for tiny signs in the use of language, the way the letters appear, in order to understand what is the level of existence beneath this. And so we are always looking for strange phrases or the way the letters are used, sometimes even the shapes of the letters, to give us clues, to give us intimations of what lies behind.

DC 2003: The letter was suddenly all Sophie could see. Glaring in the center of the painting was the unquestionable outline of an enormous, flawlessly formed letter M. A bit too perfect for coincidence…Conspiracy theorists will tell you it stands for Matrimonio or Mary Magdalene. To be honest, nobody is certain. The only certainty is that the hidden M is no mistake. Countless Grail related works contain the hidden letter M - whether as watermarks, underpaintings, or compositional allusions.

RP 1999: …as prophesied, scientists flying over the shallow coastal waters of Bimini observed a massive submerged shape beneath the surface. Divers dispatched to the scene confirmed its existence. Almost 2000 feet long, the object uncannily appeared to look like a wide wall or elevated roadway, it's one end curving mysteriously into the shape of a gigantic "J"…this wall had been cut with exceptional precision and aligned in geometric patterns by an unknown civilization. The slabs are similar to other megalithic sites, like Palenque in Mexico, Stonehenge in England, and Machu Picchu in Peru.

DC 2003: It was no coincidence that the word minstrel and minister shared an etymological root…SVFYA?…the letter Vav is often a placeholder for the vowel sound O…this spells Sophia…literally means wisdom in Greek…her grandfather's love for wordplay…

RP 1999: Hendrix was no stranger to wordplay. Jimi used many metaphors with hidden meanings: "Third Stone" was his term for Earth. "Confetti bits of tape" was what he called crummy edits of his recordings. In his diary he used the letters "O.K." to indicate times when he experienced good acid trips. Electric Love is one in a series of his "Electric" phrases: Electric Ladyland (an album), Electric Lady (a studio), Electric Church (a concert hall), Electric Religion (his music), Electric Temple (a studio), Electric Stagehand (his alter ego), Electric Circus (a bad gig), Electric Hair (an Afro), Electric Lobster (a sunburned journalist), and Electric Kool-Aid (LSD in a drink). They were all offshoots of the catch phrase of his career: Electric Guitar.


DC 2003: The Jewish tetragrammaton YHWH - the sacred name of God - in fact derived from Jehovah…union between the masculine Jah and the pre-Hebraic name for Eve, Havah.

RP 1999: …he christened the asteroid "Electric Love"…thinking of the old blues term lovelight…a hybrid of Electric light/Lovelight…The Rock, when it comes streaking into our atmosphere, will light up the sky like a giant bulb.

DC 2003: …in London…lies a knight A. Pope interred…the master of double-entendres…he'd drawn a simple symbol on his flesh - five straight lines that intersected to form a five-pointed star. The pentangle…Symbols carry different meanings in different settings…the symbology of Secret Sects…The lost language of ideograms…So Dark The Con Of Man…[anagram for] Madonna of the Rocks…Rose…is also an anagram of Eros, the Greek god of sexual love.

RP 1999: …a few days before he died. He drew a sketch. At the top of the page are the letters "GOD DOG" next to a drawing of a hill with three crosses - the Crucifixion. Jimi wrote "devil" and "lived" underneath to show how, like "GOD DOG," the spelling of devil is a reversal of lived. Next to this he wrote: "6 Modern Man" above a swastika…Jimi's drawing couples the name of Hemingway with the swastika. Then he sketched a scene of the crucifixion…Eros is the “god of Love, son of Aphrodite, identified by the Romans with Cupid representing the power of love…physical love and sexual desire. It is Eros that inspired the title of Electric Love.

DC 2003: "Oh draconian devil! Oh lame Saint!" was a perfect anagram of Leonardo da Vinci…the male god, Amon…the female goddess, Isis whose ancient pictogram was once called L'ISA…AMON L'ISA. Ring any bells?…Mona Lisa…

RP 1999: T.H.E.M. - The Hierarchy of Elitist Men…he kept the Prophecy to himself. His first reference to it in music was in 1966 with the first original tune he recorded, titled "Stone Free"…his second album Axis: Bold As Love…the axis of Earth will invert - Axis: Bowled (Over By) Love…


DC 2003: …the orb from which Eve partook…symbol of the fall of the sacred feminine…His labor's fruit. The Rosy flesh with a seeded womb…Newton's…Rosy apple…

RP 1999: …our culture named a music "rock"…rock as a host medium. Through it we become conscious of our collective memory of the future. Jimi's Prophecy is delivered through rock music…Jimi sings, "Look up ahead, I see the Love land. Do you understand?" His wordplay changes "land" from noun to verb: he sees Electric Love land on our planet.

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