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We seek to put together a team for a project. New York State has the highest concentration of college campuses in the U.S., and it also has the highest population of students who come to study here from other states and countries. So there is a high turn-over each year of new, curious people at schools. First Century Press has developed several multi-media lectures for college departments, including: anthropology, psychology, sociology, music history, media studies, philosophy/religion, and history of rock & roll. The main theme is "Why is the Jimi Hendrix Story Important?"

Fairchild's experience is a major example of dominator culture's Retarded History in action. For 7 years he was reaching over 6 million readers. Then, after the Microsoft mogul targeted him to be silenced and exiled from directing the Hendrix company, Fairchild's insights were blacklisted by all media, and publishers, and distributors for more than a decade. However, the connections he makes are the most relevant, and therefore the most suppressed. Within minutes of his lectures, listeners are taken aback by this exposure of a hidden underworld of censorship. Huge amounts of evidence are stockpiled and referenced as he narrates the fate that dominators have brought down on us all. All who hear never see media in the same way again. Media is the issue.

Because Paul Allen spent millions to remove Fairchild from the Hendrix company, the result has been a series of dreadfully uninteresting "releases" put out by this "new" company that daily destroys Jimi's legacy. Fewer and fewer people become interested in Jimi each year. The "new" Hendrix company, and Mr. Allen's Hendrix museum, can't answer the main question: "why is Jimi important?" - their fabricated answer is: "Hendrix was an innovative guitarist who influenced many musicians" - as if that's supposed to be interesting. It puts the mass audience to sleep, while the truly mind-boggling Hendrix connections in Rock Prophecy remain concealed by a grotesquely controlled media.

Our goal is to contact people who are compelled to consider what Fairchild sees. People who will organize the steps to combat and override censorship in media, bringing these perceptions to the attention of audiences that naturally exist for it. "Disinterest" in this incident has been artificially manufactured and imposed on us by a clan of detractors, a handful of hateful dominators who pull the strings and train the population to agree with decrees from an evil anti-equality media.


To become familiar with Rock Prophecy, the links below can introduce you to the issues. There are several movies being edited from these pages:

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"Jimi Hendrix was destined to work only with people who 'can' react to his vibes." - Alexis Korner

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