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"Moondust" is the title Jimi gave to his movie intended to alert us to the coming asteroid impact. His handwritten screenplay for Moondust contains scenes about what he calls his "astral travels" - out-of-body experiences from which he, involuntarily, glimpsed a remote view to sense the path of a Rock aimed at Earth. Remote Viewing was a native talent in Jimi. Hendrix possessed perceptions that represent an evolutionary leap for our species, a mutation for which Jimi is figurehead.

Michael Fairchild was at the point of producing this vision into the next official Hendrix release worldwide, but he was then targeted for censorship by the co-founder of Microsoft. Despite the fact that Michael orchestrated the acquisition of several of the world's best collections of Hendrix items for Mr. Allen's $250 million Hendrix Museum in Seattle, billionaire Paul Allen refused to pay Fairchild and instead spent $5 million for a bogus lawsuit aimed to stop Michael from becoming the next director of the Hendrix company. Paul Allen then proceeded to steal Michael's insights about asteroids, evolution, blues, mutations, and extinction. As part owner of Microsoft's vast media empire, Mr. Allen went on to produce dozens of movies and documentaries that advance lies about asteroids, and conceal the danger we're all in. Paul Allen's media productions began overexposing asteroid stories worldwide (i.e. Deep Impact, starring MSNBC) while simultaneously preventing all media from reporting how Rock Prophecy is the catalyst that instigated this blitz of stories and reports about space rocks. Rock Prophecy is the original trigger for an avalanche of asteroid stories in recent media.

Eighty percent of our population is brain-trained, a herd following a media run by a handful of dominator men who train us to agree with destructive beliefs and attitudes. Despite a readership of 6 million, and a history of extensive coverage by media, in the wake of Paul Allen's bogus lawsuit, all media worldwide today obey his orders to censor and suppress any mention of Fairchild. When the herd learns that a billionaire is persecuting the one who discovered the Hendrix prophecy, most of them "follow the money" of the so-called "rich man" and support Mr. Allen's savage brutality against Michael.

The iconic personalities called "Lucifer" and "Michael the Archangel" are ancient metaphor symbols for a pattern of human nature which anticipates today's battle between the satanic "bad guy" Paul Allen, and the perceptive messenger "good guy" Michael Fairchild. These two figures have evolved into the roles that ancient prophets knew we were headed for: Satan vs. The Archangel, a/k/a Armageddon - Lucifer's Hammer - the Rock returns to smash the Earth, as the masses follow Lucifer into extinction, while they persecute the Archangel of Heaven sent by the Deity to save them. It's the Moses/Jesus archetype in the flesh. In this sense, the Savior returns to crucify the brutes, as Lucifer's Hammer smashes the last nail into the coffin of our retarded, dysfunctional, and defective civilization, a combined Titanic-Atlantis (and bird flu too…)

Today's society is a tragic lesson for future life forms elsewhere. We've become a lesson in beliefs and behaviors that prevent any defense of the planet that supports us, leaving us prone to the impact ahead. All matter in the universe seeks a state of equilibrium. Equality is the law of all. Chasing elite privilege, as this entire civilization was trained to do, leads directly to extinction under Lucifer's Hammer. Conveying explanations about how this happens remains the single most obstructed thing.

This is the most positive and optimistic story, because it leaves behind, for whatever life passes this way in a distant future, the only record of what happened here, as a lesson to prevent such an unacceptable cur from reoccurring. Those who seek to impede and conceal this story are the most negative pessimists - the Murderers of Earth, all judged by the Deity for their response to Rock Prophecy, the Newest Testament - Judgment Day at Armageddon.

Retarded History is caused by dominators - merit terrorists with militias to protect a "lucky class" as they horde resources available only to a tiny privileged elite. We don't expect attitudes about equality to reverse and stop the Rock, there isn't enough time left for such magnitude of change. There is time only to become aware of what happened. We're not saying that because we explain this, now opinions will suddenly promote socialism and people will begin thinking about equality. No. The majority are too brain-trained. For them, common sense equality has been made to seem strange, their TV sets teach them to feel this way, by endless example. We don't expect that sort of change to happen. We do expect the asteroid to put an end to this civilization, because attitudes didn't change in any effective way, despite the warnings we received from seers (like Jesus). The consequences of this reality are what we connect-the-dots with in the minds of others, creating awareness: it is because inequity existed that we get asteroid disaster. And the story is past-tense because our point-of-no-return is long gone. What we're trying to communicate is perspective, to change one specific thing: connections/perceptions to register in the minds of others. Everything changes all the time, we are always experiencing change. What we can do is influence the direction of change and turn awareness into understanding. Society lacks an ability to stop the Rock because advances in technology have been set back after centuries of dominator culture. Today's situation results from Retarded History. Our future is truly hopeless, but our extinction will be of immense benefit for better life forms that will eventually study the rubble of us leftover. Rock Prophecy remains as their guidebook, the only sane interpretation of our truly delusional species.

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