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The original plan from our ruling class, before they discovered Apophis, was to build an asteroid deflection missile system at Fort Greely, Alaska, while persuading American taxpayers that our National Missile Defense is aimed at North Korea, a place that our State Department bribes into playing the role of "rogue nation." It has from the start been the intention of our rulers that news of the Rock be concealed. Such knowledge, should it spread through society, would undermine morale and impede productivity rates needed to build what is now the largest and most expensive human undertaking ever. But what stands in our way is the lack of physics required to stop the Rock. Still, the government was going to try to build their missile system. When hundreds of critics made public the flaws that exist in the Fort Greely project, Donald Rumsfeld, undeterred, said he didn't care that the "bugs hadn't been worked out yet." He ordered that the housing of the missile project be built anyway, in hopes that in future years our research teams will break the code of physics and enable us to harness enough destructive force to influence asteroids. But everything changed in 2004 when MN4 (aka Apophis) was discovered. Our rulers realized there is not enough time to erect their squirt gun. So instead, Bush and Rumsfeld switched to the Noah's Ark scheme - a colony on the moon, a retreat where a select few humans can survive the impact-winter due to blacken Earth's atmosphere for many decades after asteroid disaster.

During the "2003" concert tour, Michael Fairchild's lectures and multi media presentation made the case to get off the planet and onto the Moon because the asteroid impact envisioned by Jimi is on the way. As a result, President Bush's think tank team proposed the "Noah's Ark Scheme" - build condos on the Moon and Space Station for a few billionaires to escape to, at our expense. Today billions are being diverted away from attempts to reverse global warming so that these dominators can flee the sinking ship with vehicles paid for by taxpayers. Realize how transparant this scheme is: 77 million "baby boomers" are poised to bankrupt Social Security, on top of that, Medicare expenses for them will bankrupt the nation, while even more massive expenses for climate change/food production can't be met, while oil prices are poised to shut down western lifestyles. And in the midst of this resource depletion, President Bush just decrees "We're going to spend billions/trillions for taxpayer money for a permanent Moon coloney" - there is no debate, there is no challenge, no skepticism - because NO ONE can see what's happening! NASA is mounting a desperate attempt to get a group of dominator billionaires safe haven on the Space Station and Moon base before an asteroid strike, and mogul controlled media is training us all to support them as if it's in our interests to direct all resources to their escape plans, while massive loss of life among us is straight ahead.

The goal of First Century Press is to present multi media speeches whenever and wherever any number of people will gather to witness this. Ours is an effort to convey perspective and reach agreement regarding a specific view. We are attempting to alter attitudes and opinions by introducing information that our ruling class, and their managers, have actively been censoring and suppressing for a decade. A small clan of unjust moneyed men, intent on controlling our thoughts, are restricting access to critical insights. Fairchild's book Rock Prophecy carries concepts that effectively threatens their privileges.


Technological advances are today at a state that should have been realized millennia ago. There have been continual set backs in our advance to anti-asteroid defense, a retarding of human progress that results from our organization of social relationships. Put simply, in brief, the most insightful and bright minds among us have been consigned to die in abject poverty over many centuries of domination by a quick witted class of dominators. Our rulers has scripted laws to enshrine lopsided privilege and ease for an elite affluent few who've been the beneficiaries of luck. The result is a syndrome called Retarded History - a state of unpreparedness for asteroid disaster as the Rock looms into view. Awareness of this syndrome is what dominators are most concerned to obstruct and crush.

Merit, in all forms, is 100% luck. Dominators train their victims to regard merit as anything but luck. However, the reality is, if you have abilities and talents as the result of a fortunate environment that nurtured your interests, or if you were born with genes that provide you with capabilities in school or sports or art, either way, your fortunes and fate are the result of luck. If you're born with symmetrical body features, your appearance will open doors for you unavailable to homely people. If you're born with high memory capacity, you will effortlessly rise to positions of responsibility and income that forgetful people can't aspire to. If you're born with a funny bone for verbal wit, you'll cause laughter and make friends who'll solve your problems. If you're born into an affluent family that pays tutors to help you in school, you're still a product of luck. If you're ugly and obese and born into a family that can pay for lipo surgery, you're new status is a result of luck. If you're lucky enough to be able to endure hard work, even your middle class efforts are still just luck.

Humans have (and only for a few thousand years) had this "lucky class" that has written into law protections against even rational threats against the privileges that they enjoy as a result of luck. Rock Prophecy severs this connection of "luck = privilege." We reform the formula and break that chain by stating that just one link mattered during the thousands of years that produced this civilization, and the thing that mattered was for the human community to do what's needed to stop Rocks from smashing our planet and blowing away our civilizations. We were supposed to discover the physics required to build machines that can affect/deflect asteroids. The problem was that, of the people who had the ability to solve these equations, most all of them throughout our past belonged to this unlucky class - almost none of them survived. Humans were supposed to evolve a society where we could identify these people and let them solve defense problems for everyone. Instead, we imposed this artificial class system where one's luck determines the level of ease with which we live. "Live" spelled backwards is "evil" - when luck equals ease, we reverse our basis for relating to each other. The result is live in reverse, it becomes the opposite of live, which is dead - evil brings civilizations to death by way of being unprepared for the Rock coming at us, exposed to the wrath of Lucifer's Hammer. When we allow luck to bring ease to some, while unlucky people are forced to struggle and die off, we create a collective situation where we can't uncover the physics needed to stop the Rock. We force "unlucky" people to an early grave, and with them go the discoveries that would have saved us. Our civilization will soon be extinct because the lucky ones among us have controlled information and persuaded almost everyone that the unlucky deserve less than the rest, less than the affluent few who set an example of accepting privilege as payment for an arbitrary delusion called merit.

This belief, this opinion, this set of values, this scheme, was the single fatal flaw of our species, and when we are all gone from this planet in two dozen years, this notion of privilege for some arbitrary lucky class will be the single lesson and human epitaph of this planet. Inequity between us caused a setting back in our advance to asteroid defense. The fact that most of us accept unequal privileges between us has caused this retarding of progress. Retarded History means we today no longer have time left to protect ourselves from impact. Dominators mistakenly say this is a matter of dismissible opinion.

You believe what you want to believe. - Tom Petty, Refugee

We believe it to be true because we wish it to be true. - Sigmund Freud

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